The International Register of Mentors is a public access database of mentors maintained by The International Mentor Network. The purpose of this register is to enable independent registration of vetted professionals.

All of the mentors on this register have passed a basic assessment in the theory of mentoring and have also provided references to verify their mentoring skills. Many have also passed a mentoring qualification or course.

We take Data Protection very seriously, users to our website are in charge of being able to edit or delete their own data whenever they like. They are also able to optionally upload scans of relevant documents (for example testimonials or certificates) to be viewed on their public profile.

So how does it work?


Step 1:

Mentors join or request listing from The International Mentor Network.

Step 2:

The Network verify the credentials of the mentor.


Step 3:

Mentors are then added to the Register of Mentors

Step 4:

Mentors receive a login and an URL for their profile.


Step 5:

They can then add further information to their profile.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team will come back to you within a matter of hours to help you.

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